60 Second Guide to the DJI Osmo

The DJI Osmo is a hand-held stabilised camera which can provide smooth tracking shots and really add some gloss to your production.  Using the Osmo for tracking shots will not only benefit you by giving you silky smooth 4k footage, it can save you time in your production while travelling between locations and help you keep a low profile when necessary.  If you’re thinking this tiny camera will not cut in with your main camera, think again.  The Osmo’s camera can record up to 4k and features D-log and cine-like picture profiles which can be graded to look great alongside your main camera.

The Osmo has a built in microphone and an audio input which can help you pick up better quality atmos sound as you track your subject or allows you to add a radio mic for dynamic walking links and pieces to camera

Using the Osmo can really benefit your production and will help you avoid any distracting shake – perfect for reality, documentary and actuality shooting.


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