60 Second Guide to the Atomos Shogun Studio

The Atomos Shogun Studio is a 2 channel full hd and 4k video recorder. Conveniently recording to 2.5” HDD and SSDs, in both prores and avid codecs, using the shogun for your production means the footage can be taken away instantly, or backed up using a standard USB3 cable.

With an intuitive touch screen interface, the shogun really is easy to use without omitting professional functions, such as waveforms, histograms, peaking and zebras.

Around the back we also have professional inputs including HDSDI, HDMI, XLR, Timecode and Genlock.

With one 1tb hard drive able to last for at least 17hrs recording in full hd, the shogun studio is a great solution for long productions when regular swapping of disks or cards would be obtrusive or inconvenient.

Mounting in a standard 19” rack, the shogun can fit into most live or event set ups nicely. Duel power supplies means the shogun studio works great as a backup record too.

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