90 Second Guide To The Nokia OZO

The Nokia Ozo is the first and only Virtual Reality device to combine 360° stereoscopic video capture and surround sound, providing an elegant workflow for professionals.

Designed and engineered by Nokia Technologies, the Ozo it is a compact, lightweight unit that captures multiple high resolution viewpoints to a single video file.

All housed within a single camera body, the OZO delivers virtual reality with eight sensors giving you a 4k 360-degree spherical video. With eight inbuilt microphones, this also enables the Ozo to record 360×360 surround sound.

There are two ways content can be recorded with the Ozo. Either a 500 gigabyte memory module that also doubles up as a battery or recording to an external device via the BNC out.

One on the major benefits of the Nokia Ozo is the free software suite that is available for both Mac and Windows. These are Ozo Preview, Ozo Remote and Ozo Creator.

Unlike other virtual reality camera systems, the Ozo Remote gives you complete wireless control over the camera, whether you’re on-set or out in the field, as well as allowing you to monitor the footage in real-time.

Once the single files are imported to Ozo Creator, you are able to review and edit recorded footage in preparation for Post-production.

The third element in the Ozo suite is Ozo Preview, this allows creatives and their teams to review dailies and rough cuts that have been edited, post-produced and mixed using industry standard tools.

For more information on the Nokia OZO click HERE

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