The BBC joins event agencies to talk future technology at Anna Valley showcase

Event professionals from the BBC and agencies including Innovision and Grass Roots have discussed future technology at Anna Valley’s Open Day showcase.

The Open Day, which took place 2-3 April at Anna Valley’s new West London office, was setup to showcase the AV rental company’s LED, projection mapping, RFID, Cameras (with help from sister company Shooting Partners), 4K and digital media offerings.

BBC News’s lead news director Barton McFarlane, who works on BBC events as well as television shows including Newsnight, said that the organisation is looking into using projection mapping and 3D technology. He praised Anna Valley’s new AV4 LED technology, citing its use both in-studio and at BBC events.

“The 3mm LED is really exciting and I am keen to use the projection mapping technology I saw in action today. The BBC are also looking into 3D technology for use in studio and at events, but it is early days. I’ve been really impressed with Anna Valley’s offerings today. They’ve proven to be a company I can always rely on,” he added.

AV-Open-day_250pxGrass Roots head of production Sean Dillon added that improvements in LED technology have made digital environments more immersive. He continued: “The selection of LEDs on show were especially amazing. This is the technology that will see events moving beyond their digital restraints, allowing for dynamic sets.”

4K technology, meanwhile, was met with cautious optimism by Anna Valley’s visitors. Tom Robinson, technical co-ordinator at Innovision, said: “4K technology is mind blowing but the content needs to be there to take full advantage. At events touch screens have a bright future and they’re now very fun and interactive. It’s great to see their rapid evolution.”

Looking to the future, guests discussed AI technology and Google Glass. Great Expectations Events owner Jason Noah said that Google, Samsung and Facebook are making bold strides into ‘sci-fi technology’ but said smartphones are the main target for now.

He added: “The mobile phone is becoming more important than the laptop in getting content. If event attendees can get content live via 4G or wireless with no USB, then that really saves time and hassle.”

AV-Open-day_300px Google Glass was also mentioned. Robinson predicted: “I think it will be used as part of interactive, overlaid environments with higher and higher resolution surroundings being made possible to complement its use.”

Sash Pochibko, director of production, Sound of Music, concluded that technology’s role should be in removing creative restraints. “LED and 4K technology are replacing traditional ‘wow factor’ technology like lighting and pyrotechnics. Video and animation are the real crowd pleasers.”

Elsewhere, Christie was on hand to display its MicroTile technology. Gavin Chatfield, business development manager at Christie Digital Systems said: “Our MicroTiles have been very popular. We have had recent high profile purchases by the London stock exchange and from various corporations in the city including PwC. We’ve worked hard on these tiles for the last few years, improving their viewing angles and image quality.”

Finally, Nick Hart, director of corporate, Anna Valley, said: “This was a dream opening for our new office and a great way to inform the market about our future vision. We were excited to showcase some of our most innovative offerings to clients of international acclaim but we were even happier with the feedback.”

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