BVE 2017 @ ExCel Centre, London

This year saw a busy Broadcast Video Expo filling the great space at the ExCel Centre, London once again. BVE has certainly evolved in recent years with a changing list of exhibitors and also covering the connected media, AV, integration and live sectors.

Canon EOS C700

Canon made a great showing of its new flagship 4K camera, the EOS C700, as well as showcasing broadcast and Cine lenses, including the new CN-E18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S. The C700 is certainly a fantastic move towards high end acquisition for Canon, who in recent years have had a huge impact in the world of ‘shallow depth of field’ shooting and a more cinematic look. The C700 is sure to grow in popularity throughout 2017 and begin to challenge the dominance of ARRI, RED and other manufacturers in the drama, commercial and high end corporate.

Fuji Cabrio Cinema Zoom Lenses

Fujinon drew a great crowd to their stand wanting to see the new Fujinon MK 18-55mm T2.9 Sony E-Mount Cabrio Cinema Zoom Lens. The lens boasts advanced optical performance, ultra-compact and lightweight design and comes in around £3,000 + VAT (expected shipping soon)

The demand for high-performance cinema lenses has grown rapidly in recent years with the increasing opportunity to shoot films, corporate and commercial videos using cine and digital lenses. Cine lenses are the best choice to achieve a shallow depth-of-field and beautiful bokeh. However, since they are typically large, heavy and expensive, lower cost alternatives such as interchangeable lenses for digital cameras, which are generally more affordable and mobile. However, these lenses are designed primarily for shooting still images and can be prone to focus shift and optical axis shift while zooming. As a direct response to these problems and demand, Fujifilm has released the new MK18-55mm cine lens.

Fujinon also showed a prototype MK 50-135mm T2.9 Sony e-mount lens expected to start shipping in July. We will look forward to seeing a working model at NAB (Las Vegas) in April 2017.

There were some great lighting options available and the Quasar Q-LED LINEAR LAMPS certainly caught our eye. The unique form factor of the Quasar Science Q-LED Lamp appears to offer a low profile yet broad lighting source that is capable of providing everything from traditional 3 point subject lighting to architectural accents and general area lighting. Q-LED’s do not require power supplies or ballasts which often add time when quickly adding a light, get in the way or need to be hidden from camera. They also outperforms Quartz, Halogen, Plasma and HMI lighting sources in the luminous output to power consumption ratio by virtue of the 90+ lumens per watt.

A handy feature for hire companies such as ourselves is the ability to retrofit our Kino package to high output, dimmer compatible LED units. This would eliminate the need for multiple daylight / tungsten tubes for every kit.

BVE brought Virtual Reality to the floor and the seminars this year with showings from BBC,SKY VR, VR Alchemy, Motion Impossible (including Planet Earth II cameraman Rob Drewett) plus, at the AV, Integration & Live Theatre, a great presentation from Tom Nelson, the Creative Producer of the Royal Opera House talking about VR as a collision of art & technology in both planning and delivering theatrical experiences.

We were excited to see a number of Nokia Technologies OZO 360 cameras at the event this year. Shooting Partners invested in this high end technology in 2016 and are excited to see the development path for both the cameras and Virtual Reality in general.

The OZO combines the ultimate in engineering capabilities and intelligent design to offer you the best Virtual Reality production experience. No more complex multi-camera rigs: this is the first Virtual Reality device to capture 360° spherical video and 360×360 surround sound, with the elegant workflow professionals need.

One single video file stores all video and audio data in perfect sync. One output cable. One power and memory cartridge.

See and hear everything OZO captures via the unique Virtual Reality monitor output, providing directors real-time interactive feedback of cast performances.

The Nokia OZO 360 camera is available for wet hire only. Shooting Partners will provide a fully trained technician for set up and operation. For more information on the Nokia OZO click here.

Seminars and predictions for 2017

There were a number of great seminar sessions at BVE 2017 covering a multitude of subjects across the media industry. Virtual Reality was a hot topic and produced some differing opinions and discussions on the future, timescales and uptake.

The DPP (Digital Production Partnership) offered up predictions for the media industry in 2017 beginning with the notion that immersive technology will be “submerged” as the excitement and hysteria of 2016 gives way to realism. Other predictions included ‘getting cloud ready will be a full time job’, versioning becoming an opportunity – not a cost (exposing that TV shows can generate up to a hundred different versions and movies in access of four hundred or more). A striking theme was the prediction of more automation across the media industry. With all media businesses looking to cut overheads this seems inevitable, or as the DPP put it “where there are people there will be automation”.

There were many other fantastic seminar sessions throughout BVE 2017 ranging in titles such as ” HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE (HDR) DELIVERY” to “BUILDING THE DREAM TEAM”. We really enjoyed the seminar programme and hope it continues to grow and adapt to the technical and creative needs of the industry.

The next broadcast technology trade show we will be covering is NAB 2017 in April.

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