Canon C300 Firmware Update – Released 27/11/2013

The ISO range has been extended from 20000 max, up to 80000 max (ISO is the level of sensitivity of your camera’s sensor to available light. The lower the ISO number, the less sensitive it is to the light, while a higher ISO number increases the sensitivity of your camera).

Shooting Partners performed an ISO test in a dark room and the outcome can be seen in the pictures below.

Although the sensitivity is vastly improved, users should be aware that a large amount of noise is introduced into the picture. It does however offer a sensitivity never seen before on a camera of this calibre and could get you out of trouble in a tricky situation.








AE Shift compensates the automatic exposure set by the camera with the new auto iris feature. This combined with the new Light Metering mode, which allows you to select a Backlit, Normal or Spotlight mode gives you greater control over the way in which the camera meters its exposure.

The latest firmware also adds some features that makes using the camera that much easier.

Firstly, an ability to assign separate functions to the two different dials (Grip Dial and small body dial). This comes in handy if you want quick access to ISO controls and Iris Controls.

Canon has also introduced a ‘One-Shot AF’ Auto focus function that can be assigned to any of the assignable buttons. Although be aware that this function will only work on EF lenses that have AF capabilities.

The final feature added is one that may be familiar to those that use canon’s DSLR cameras. When using the magnification in the VF, you are now able to move the magnified area around the screen. Allowing you a clearer idea of where you focus point is. Great for when it’s not in the centre of the screen!

The firmware, as well as install instructions are available from Canon’s Website 


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