Canon HJ40x10 BIASE











The Canon HJ40 is a very long HD lens especially suited to sports shoots, live events or natural history shooting. Any scenario where there is a very large disctance between the lens and the subject would suit a Canon HJ40 lens.

Capable of extending to a remarkable 1120mm, the HJ40x14B is a highly telephoto portable EFP lens designed for capturing superb HD images over very considerable distances. Leveraging Canon’s world-leading optical and mechanical technologies, the HJ40 incorporates Canon’s proprietary Optical Shift Image Stabilizer (“Shift-IS”) system that makes possible the capture of rock-steady HD video under the most adverse of field conditions.

The lens comes supplied with its own dedicated mount to fit to the camera plate for extra stability. We also supply a set of Canon zoom and focus demands as well as a VCT-14 camera plate.

  • Zoom Ratio: 40 X
  • Focal Length Range: 10~400mm
  • Focal Length Range with Extender: 20~800mm
  • Built-in stabilizer with on off switch
  • Weight: 11.9lbs (5.4kg)
Zoom Ratio 40x
Built-in Extender 2.0x
Range of Focal Length(with Extender) 10~400mm20~800mm (2.0x)
Maximum Relative Aperture(with extender) 1:2.0 at 10~220mm1:3.65 at 400mm1:4.0 at 20~440mm1:7.3 at 800mm (2.0x)
Angular Field of View(with Extender) 4:3 Aspect Ratio(8.8 x 6.6mm) 47.5° x 36.5° at 10mm1.3° x 0.9° at 400mm24.8° x 18.7° at 20mm

0.6° x 0.5° at 800mm (2.0x)

16:9 Aspect Ratio(9.6 x 5.4mm) 51.3° x 30.2° at 10mm1.4° x 0.8° at 400mm27.0° x 15.4° at 20mm0.7° x 0.4° at 800mm (2.0x)
Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.) 2.8m (10mm with Macro)
Object Dimensions at M.O.D.(with Extender) 4:3 Aspect Ratio(8.8 x 6.6mm) 227.7 x 170.8cm at 10mm5.7 x 4.3cm at 400mm113.9 x 85.4cm at 20mm2.9 x 2.2cm at 800mm (2.0x)
16:9 Aspect Ratio(9.6 x 5.4mm) 248.4 x 139.7cm at 10mm6.2 x 3.5cm at 400mm124.2 x 69.9cm at 20mm3.1 x 1.8cm at 800mm (2.0x)
Macro Yes
Size (W x H x L) 174.1 x 133 x 335.4mm
Weight (Approx) – / 5.40kg (11.90lbs)