You Can’t Get The Staff

The demand for domestic staff in Britain is now higher than in Victorian times, with 1 in 4 households hiring in help. But with the need for good staff higher than ever, how do you go about finding the best person to work in your home?

Can’t Get the Staff  is an entertaining series following privileged Brits as they seek to fill positions in their home – from butlers to gardeners, housekeepers, nannies and grooms. Featuring Sir Humphry Wakefield, desperately seeking someone to polish his armour, Princess Olga Romanoff recruiting a new ‘garden boy’, and Sara Vestin Rahmani looking for a butler to help care for her dogs, the series will shine a warm light upon the reality of domestic service in the twenty-first century, and take a look behind the doors of some of Britain’s grandest homes.

Shooting Partners provided XDCAM cameras and mini jibs for this great new show. Workflows were based around XDCAM disc and XDCAM EX SxS cards throughout the production

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