Car Crash Britain – Caught on Camera

Head-on crashes, spectacular shunts and miraculous near-misses – a unique portrait of the real-life drama on Britain’s roads captured on camera by the people at the centre of the action.On every motorway, down every country lane and in every city street, millions of miniature eyewitnesses not only see everything that goes on and goes wrong on our roads, but allow us to record it, upload it and share it.

The extraordinary growth in personal cameras – mounted on drivers’ dashboards and millions of bike helmets means that virtually nothing that happens on Britain’s roads goes unseen.And that includes motorway pile-ups, hit-and-run drivers, out-of-control cyclists and near misses galore.

In this programme we’ll see the most shocking road accidents, the worst crashes and the great escapes – astonishing moments, all filmed by the people actually involved in them. And we’ll talk to those at the centre of the drama playing out on Britain’s roads every day.

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