What caught my eye at BSC Expo 2018

By Josh Portwine

Having seemingly settled on a permanent location to host the exhibition, BSC was back at Battersea Evolution this year, bigger and even better than before (although it remains small enough that an afternoon is adequate time to experience it.)  Speaking to camera crew and manufacturers alike, BSC is seen as the place to get in-depth tech info and meet like-minded individuals.

Of the variety of kit on show, here are a few bits that really caught my eye:

The Arri Alexa LF

ARRI introduces a complete large-format system that meets and exceeds modern production requirements, delivering unprecedented creative freedom. Based on a large-format 4K version of the ALEXA sensor, the system comprises the ALEXA LF camera, ARRI Signature Prime lenses, LPL lens mount and PL-to-LPL adapter. These system elements have been designed to take full advantage of the enlarged sensor, while also offering compatibility with existing lenses, accessories and workflows. Much like ALEXA 65, ALEXA LF images are truly immersive, heightening emotion and intensifying character with an intimate, three-dimensional feel that draws the viewer in further.

Featuring a sensor slightly larger than full frame, ALEXA LF records native 4K with ARRI’s best overall image quality. This allows filmmakers to explore an immersive large-format aesthetic while retaining the sensor’s stunning capability for HDR and WCG workflows.

Teradek Bolt 703

The new Teradek Bolt 703 looks like a fantastic directors’ monitor option, featuring a full HD, high-brightness screen, with 2 SDI inputs (and an additional input through the inbuilt bolt kit.) It allows for side-by-side split screen from any inputs (something we’ve been asked for multiple times and haven’t been able to offer in the past,) as well as the ability to input LUT’s, and take sample stills of the screen.

Hawk-Woods Mini V-Lok

The new Hawkwoods Mini V-Lok batteries were everywhere at the show, on almost every stand. Half the size and weight of a traditional v-lok, and at a similar price point, they offer better ergonomics for travelling, as well as for balancing onto monitor kits. With smaller chargers, they’re a friendlier option for self-shooters or mobile crews. When combined with the new dual plates (that allow two batteries to simultaneously be mounted to a camera) these products allow you to double your battery capacity. Some of the models (100w and 50w) also have inbuilt d-tap ports, which reduce the need for external plates to provide this option. These batteries may not be a sexy purchase but should be considered if you’re replacing your current battery stock.


The Skateplate camera tracking system offers a solid solution for heavier cameras as an alternative to sliders. The system can support a full camera rig with ease and, because it can be motion controlled, it could be used with remote cameras to create new fixed-rig possibilities.

Exhibitions like BVE are great because they cover everything from cameras, post production, streaming and a myriad other media technology, but they can be a bit overwhelming at times. BSC has done well by focusing purely on filming kit, which has enabled them to keep their message clear and target audience happy. We will certainly be back next year.

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