The Celeb Hunter: 2 Chairs, 1 Chat

Mentorn Media chose Shooting Partners as kit supplier for this off the wall chat show with a difference!

Armed with his dad’s camping chairs, Chris Stark wants to make his own mobile celebrity chat show.

Having worked his way up from hospital radio, Chris gained infamy for his wonderfully unorthodox interview with Mila Kunis for BBC Radio 1’s The Scott Mills Show. The video went viral and got over 12 million views.

PMW-200_150pxThe Sony PMW200 was the camera of choice due to it’s small portable size, robust SxS media recording format and fantastic low light capabilities.

Some Television production companies and various news networks have invested heavily in SxS media and the Sony workflow. The most popular capacity is 32GB though 64GB cards can be made available. The decision is how much footage do you want in one place if your intention is to use this media for fast turn around work or a news environment.

Eventually, through persistence, a lot of loitering and crashing a wedding show, Chris Stark gets his chance to chat to some celebs, although he still has a few things to learn about the art of interviewing.


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