Dancing On Ice

Shooting Partners works closely with ITV Productions to create the fantastic top rated entertainment show Dancing on Ice in full HD.

Shooting takes place thoughout the Autumn months using Sony PDWF800 cameras, Canon HJ series lenses and Sony Digital radio mics. Locations are around the UK following celebrities from the world of Television, Sports, Music and even Hollywood movies.

The rock steady XDCAM disc format is perfect for ITV HD as it combines amazing High Definition picture quality with the same ease of use that anyone using HD tape is more than use to. The ability to eject a disc and hand it over for post production is a real plus for crew on a tight schedule.

Sony-BRC-H900_150pxRemote heads on location

For 2013 ITV’s creative team added new elements to Dancing On Ice in the form of ‘Skate School’ where all the celebrities took to the ice en mass at Alexandra Palace. The look of the session may have been compromised by having a number of camera operators, with XDCAM kits positioned around the ice rink, so ITV opted for a remote head set up. Shooting Partners supplied the Sony BRC-H900 remote head camera recording to an XDCAM deck as a fantastic solution for covering the action from a gallery position next to the rink. This gave the location director just as much in terms of coverage without having to break up the background of the scene with crews appearing in shot.

Location to Studio

ITV Productions benefit from a bulk discount on this particular show by using Shooting Partners for all location shooting and sister company Anna Valley Displays for all projection onto the ice rink. To see Anna Valley’s spectacular projection in action please follow this link Dancing on Ice


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