Eurogrip Laptop Dolly (Prosup Ltd)

A true upgrade from the popular Key West dolly as light weight metal has replaced easily broken plastic. This is a versatile and compact folding metal dolly with skate wheels or pneumatic tires. It is made of aluminum and stainless steel and has tripod anchor points, low mount bazooka column, seat and double push bar.

The camera dolly may be used as a shooting platform on any surface but is often raised onto a track, to create smooth movement on a horizontal axis known as a dolly shot. Additionally, most professional film studio dollies have a hydraulic arm that raises or lowers the camera on the vertical axis. When a dolly grip operates a dolly on perpendicular axes simultaneously, it’s known as a compound move.

Dolly moves may also be executed without track, giving more freedom on the horizontal plane and with it, a higher degree of difficulty. These are called dance floor moves and may either be done on the existing surface (if smooth enough) or on an overlay designed for dolly movement. The ground overlay usually consists of thick plywood as a bottom layer. Our kit can be supplied with pneumatic tires as part of the kit package.

An extra option is the Swivel Support (835) with an extendable Level Riser, 100mm & 100 – 150 Bowl Leveller.

  • Easy to construct
  • Ride on feature with seat
  • Compact pack down for transportation

Weight 18 kg
Platform measurement 88cm x 70cm
Euroboss adaption holes 9x
100 mm bowl 2x
Swivel adaption hole 1x
Push bar positions 2x