Eye Direct MKII 16×9 Interview kit

The EyeDirect is a photographic device that guarantees eye contact from any subject, regardless of age or mood. With EyeDirects all over the world, producers are capturing eye contact from any camera-shy or difficult subjects who are uncomfortable in front of a lens. Users can guarantee a 10 month old baby, celebrity or camera-shy-teen will look directly into the camera, without undo stress.

EyeDirect---400-x-300The Mark II is specifically designed to guarantee eye contact from any subject while using professional cameras as well as DSLRs.  The 18″ adjustable base plate accommodates balance for large cameras. You may mount the unit to multiple positions on the base plate to reduce the size of the footprint when using small cameras.  For user comfort, the EyeDirect Mark II has a movable wing and Edison Mirror for two axis viewing adjustment.  The Mark II has an included iPad Accessory holder to turn your iPad 2 device into a teleprompter. (Teleprompter software available through the app store).