Sony F5/55 V2.0 Firmware Update

October 4th 2013 saw the release of firmware version 2.0 for the F5, F55 and R5 External Recorder. This update has been highly anticipated as it sees the introduction of High Frame Rate (HFR) Recording. Internally, using SxSPro+ Cards, will now record 120fps in 1920×1080 XAVC format. With the external R5 Recorder able to record at frame rates of 120, 180 and 240 in 2KRAW.

F5-control-panel_300pxFrom a users perspective, the latest update also enables more controls in the sub display including Audio, Time Code, auto white, auto black and colour bars. The 2nd and 4th SDI Output have been enabled, meaning that 2 clean and 2 ‘sub’ HDSDI Outputs are now available. On top of this, a waveform, vector and histogram have been added to the viewfinder and monitor out.

Not only has the camera been given a boost in it’s capabilities, the DVF-EL100 and L700 VIewfinders have been given a firmware update allowing for false colour information (MLUTs) for S-Log2 gamma mode.

Overall the update has enabled a lot of functionality that is further enhancing the usability of the F5 and F55 cameras.

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