Freshers ITV2

In this three-part series from Mentorn Media we see what university life is really like and what they get up to. There will be partying and socialising as they work out how to fit in, whilst carving out their own identity and coping in an entirely new environment. It can be a daunting experience as the freshers leave home for the first time and have to learn to look after themselves.

We follow ladies man Max, 18 from Nottingham, loveable Forrest, 18 from Luton, glamorous Anita, 20 from London, horse loving Abbie, 19 from Essex, hip hop performer Jay C, 18 from London and daddy’s girl Bayleigh, 18 from Colchester as they embark on the most exciting and significant three years of their lives.EOS-C300_EF-300pxShooting Partners provided high definition cameras and training, as well as location support for this insightful series.

Kit included Canon’s EOS C300 camera with a great choice of EF lenses, of which there is a massive range to choose from! Partnering with a Canon XF305 for ‘B camera’ meant the shooting teams didn’t have to worry about jumping from one brand of camera, with it’s own menu system and phrases, to another as the C300 and XF305 have an almost identical menu structure. Use of compact flash cards was also a benefit across both camera types as opposed to having several different types of media to wrangle on set.

All shooting kits came with training sessions from Shooting Partners on how to operate and maintain the kit, based on cameras and an audio package based around the fantastic and simple to use Sennheiser G3 radio mic system.

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