Greatest Shows on Earth

In this new four-part series, Daisy Donovan gets to grips with some of the most popular television shows on the planet to find out what makes some very different cultures tick.

From Egyptian’s love of seeing terrified celebrities kidnapped at gunpoint to India’s dancing obsession and from Brazil’s desire for the body beautiful to South Korea’s gaming addiction, Daisy sees how societies – and particularly the roles of women – are brought into sharp relief by their TV.

Canon-C300-home-thumb-300px“Everybody loves television and no one more than me,” says Daisy. “I’m going on the trip of a lifetime, to experience some of the biggest, maddest and most controversial shows on the planet. “I’ve got a theory that television is the window into the soul of a nation. But simply watching TV isn’t enough – to get right to the heart of it I need to take part.”

Experienced lighting cameraman Will Milner worked with Shooting Partners Canon EOS C300 kit to create the fabulous pictures from around the globe. The C300 kit included 16-35mm lens, 24-70mm lens, 70-200mm lens as well as the popular 50mm EF option. Monitoring was done over a wireless link using the rock steady Transvideo system. Will Milner commented ‘The C300 is a great camera to use on shows like this due to its shallow depth of field and great small form factor” RDF Television and Will got full support from Shooting Partners world wide during the hire.

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