Channel 4’s Hunted, is a six-part “real life thriller” that follows 14 contestants as they try to escape capture for 28 days. A command-and-control centre staffed with ex-spooks and counter-terrorism experts attempt to sniff out 14 ‘fugitives’ via technological means, with their intel being fed to a ground team of “hunters”—ex-cops and bounty hunters—who chase the contestants around the country and attempt to apprehend them.

LEGRIA-mini-X-300pxShooting partners teamed up with Shine Television as camera kit and crew supplier. The show utilized many camera systems ranging from full broadcast spec Canon C300s, Sony PMW 200s through Canon XF105s and Canon Legria Mini X ‘blog’ cameras. There was also some use of covert recording kit such as glasses cam and discreet recorders. SP also rigged the Hunters secret HQ location with fixed rig style Panasonic cameras and Sony PMW RX50 recorders.

Shooting Partners Head of Facilities, Shaun Wilton commented “To be chosen to do this show by Caron Miles and the team at Shine TV was a great honour. We were really excited about the show from the very first meeting and we are so happy that our positivity, energy, technical innovations and ideas were valued throughout the shoot. Supporting such a fast paced and totally unpredictable shoot was always going to be a massive challenge, but the team here at SP did an exceptional job”.

Hunted-Liverpool-street_300The series also had an amazing advertising campaign from Channel 4 creative. The campaign includes train station ‘takeovers’ at both London Victoria and Liverpool Street where commuters will be bombarded with messages including – ‘There are 105 CCTV cameras in this station. Hide your face’ (Liverpool Street); ‘Your travel card is a tracking device’; ‘Leave town and never come back’.
As part of the campaign, Starbucks will be issuing handwritten cups to their customers advising them not to reveal their name ever again.
Similar contextual ads will appear across websites and social media platforms containing messages relevant to the specific content a person is viewing.

James Walker, Head of Marketing, Channel 4 said: “We wanted the campaign to engage people with the challenge of the show. I think a lot of people wonder how they would cope if they ever had to go on the run and we wanted the campaign to confront that reality directly.”


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