Introducing the new CP.3 Zeiss compact prime lens

You may have read about Zeiss’ new set of compact prime lenses – the CP.3 prime lenses – in our recent NAB roundup. There was some confusion at the show about whether these were totally new lenses so we’ve taken a closer look at the CP.3 to help you decided which lens is better suited to your needs.

Physical size

Firstly, there a considerable size difference between the two. The CP.3s being smaller:

Front Diameter on the CP3 is 95mm, so will allow 95mm circular filters to fit (ND/CIRC)

New lens coating for compact range

The ZEISS CP.3 lenses feature advanced lens coatings, painted lens rims and special light traps within the barrel to eliminate unwelcome veiling glare and flares. The result is higher contrast, richer blacks and more saturated colors.

Advantages over the CP.2 lens coating and construction are:
o Supporting High Contrast
o Improved anti-reflex coating minimize flare
o Coatings utilized are from Ultra Prime Lenses so higher quality

Updated rotating focus / iris mechanism

The new mechanism design has taken elements from the Zeiss Master Primes range. Extraordinarily smooth focus rotation, even in extreme temperature conditions, is now possible thanks to this new, sophisticated construction design.

Consistent T-stops simplifies lighting on set and exposure compensations (T2.9 for 15 to 21 mm and T2.1 for 25 to 135 mm)

A great aspect of this is that the standardised positioning of the focus rings and a consistent 95 mm front diameter allows for fast and easy changeover while on set.

New ZEISS eXtended Data technology

The eXtended Data technology is intended to simplify and increase the accuracy of the image capture and processing workflow.

This extended Data actually unifies two data sets: key lens data based on the open /i Technology standard and supported by a wide range of cameras and accessories, plus ZEISS specific lens data that contains precise lens characteristics.

This technology is a solution for recording and feeding data for onset applications and in post-production, such as, shading correction, distortion correction and a feature of ‘one click correction’ of images.

The first CP3 lenses are expected to arrive in the UK from June 2017 with the XD lenses arriving in September.

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