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With a unique brand of hidden camera crime prevention, the secrets of the thieves’ trade, up-to-the-minute crime news and appeals and original features and guests, Police 5 is a fast-paced show dedicated to catching criminals, solving crime and giving viewers the advice and help they need to NOT become victims.

They show features appeals for the most wanted criminals, the latest crime caught on CCTV and in-depth special reports on everything from dangerous dogs to the use of reasonable force, bogus callers and surburban cannabis growers.

Hidden camera stunts see ‘real’ crimes being committed by our presenters, then revealed to the ‘victims’ in order to help them NOT get caught out in future.

SxS-CARD_200pxITN Productions made great use of the Sony PMW200 during the busy shooting schedule. The Sony PMW-200 is a replacement and upgrade to the massively popular EX range .It is the first handheld camera in its class to be equipped with 3 x 1/2-inch Exmor CMOS sensors for excellent sensitivity and enhanced depth of field characteristics. Sony’s robust SxS media cards proved invaluable out in the field, where security was paramount.

Police 5’s presenters – Joe Crowley and Kate Macintyre – stick  with police as they go on raids and  talk to the ‘DIY’ detectives and the have-a-go heroes who fought back to find justice.

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