Life Savers

This brand new series from Twenty Twenty Television follows every step of the ground-breaking ‘chain of survival’ designed to save hundreds of extra lives every year.  The first regional ‘Major Trauma Network’ to become fully operational opened its doors to Life Savers, to capture the complete story of patients’ journeys from the roadside, through life saving surgery, to recovery.   Based in the world famous Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, this powerful documentary series captures the drama at the very limits of frontline medicine.

LIfe-Savers_250pxShooting Partners supplied location shooting kits including the compact, versatile Canon XF305 shooting to compact flash cards. The production had a desire to enhance the XF305 by adding a balanced shoulder mount with powering options built in. This added a rock steady stability to the camera plus offering easy interface with wireless location sound recording equipment. This project was a repeat hire between Shooting Partners and Twenty Twenty as previous partnerships included CH4’s The Hoarder Next Door and BBC’s finals of The Choir with Gareth Malone.

The production team commented “Shooting Partners always deliver. We knew we could trust them with any scenario, anywhere in the country.They supported us wonderfully throughout the shooting schedule and any emergencies that popped up only needed one phone call and the team at SP were all over it! We would recommend them to anyone as a kit supplier”

Life Savers is a Twenty Twenty Television production for BBC HD

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