Lowel Rifa Light


Rifa eX 44 is the smallest in the Lowel Rifa family. Its 16″ diffusion screen and 21″ collapsed length make it ideal for compact kit run & gun lighting. The soft-box is ideal for lighting interviews or small area tabletop shoots.Creating beautiful soft key or fill light doesn’t have to be strenuous or time consuming. Compact, lightweight, & self-contained, the Rifa eX uses a simple design approach as old as the umbrella to achieve its quick & easy setup and strike capabilities.

Bathe almost anything, from talking heads to table-top stills, in luxurious almost fool-proof soft light. It is the perfect complement to today’s compact, light-sensitive, digital cameras & filmstocks. Its ablities are enhanced by the eXchange System accessory lampheads  patented bayonet mount, which lets you swap lampheads with a twist of the wrist.

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