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Shooting Partners supplied a five camera, full HD, portable production unit for a new Vic Reeves children’s TV show for CbbC.

The series was shot at Elstree Studios using Sony PDW700 XDCAM HD cameras with fibre channel connections back to a ‘video village’ style gallery set up, purpose built for the show.

Additional monitoring positions were set up for production offices, audio department and even on the studio floor so that direction could take place close to the action. The show included sevreal stunts and special effects shots that were carefully planned by the BBC team and SP crew.

Shooting Partners staff were on location around the clock to technically manage both the vision control area and camera assisting duties.

Director of Photography, Peter Edwards, commented “I’ve worked with Shooting Partners for years and trust both their support and technical knowlege completely. When this multi camera shoot went in the direction of a portable production unit rather than studio, I knew SP could handle it and the service would be rock solid.”

HD PPUs or ‘flyaway’ studio set ups can prove to be a great cost saving for any multicamera production and are available for hire from Shooting Partners by calling Shaun Wilton on 0208 941 1000


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