NAB 2013 round up

NAB celebrates another well attended show in Las Vegas for this year’s exhibition and seminars. This year is all a buzz about 4K or ‘Ultra HD’, which is four times the resolution of regular HD video. This year saw more advancements in 4K monitoring, kicking off with Sony’s announcements for its 55″ and 65″ 4K TVs at a staggering £4,500 approx mark down from £20,000!

Sony-4K-fibre_300pxSony continued the 4K momentum by showing fibre connections intended to cover camera feeds for large scale projection at live events or corporate settings, or for current HD production shoots. Sony suggest that the 4K material can be processed and then full HD ‘cut outs’ can be taken from each frame in the style of pan and scan. This means not only can recordings be future proofed, but in theory less cameras can be used to cover events, such as live sports, and the desired areas of the frame cut out as needed. This could mean less crew , so Camera Operators should start start loading their grenade launchers now!

PMW-400_300pxSony PMW-400

The XDCAM range sees another addition in the form of the Sony PMW-400 XDCAM EX 422 full HD broadcast ENG camcorder, with 50Mb/s recording and 3 x 2/3in CMOS Sensors. The camcorder also features 2x SD/HD-SDI parallel outputs. Price wise the camera sits between the non broadcast HD PMW-350 and the popular PMW-500.

This camera records .MXF files and XDCAM EX workflows using .MP4 and .AVI files, but the new twist being it is also future-proofed to support Sony’s XAVC codec for 10-bit HD422 recordings.

Sony-CBK-WA100_300pxSony CBK-WA100 wireless adapter

With the new CBK-WA100 wireless adapter content can be wirelessly uploaded to the customer’s server or cloud service via the 3G/4G mobile phone network.

The CBK-WA100 connects to any camera or any field deck through an HD-SDI and has two main functions.  First, with the Sony application and Wi-Fi you can connect with any smartphone or tablet. With these smart devices you can control the camera settings, use as a camera monitor, and input metadata information. The more exciting prospect is the use of the WA100 to connect to the cloud to transfer footage. Using its LTE transmitter and a WAN connection the CBK-WA100 can send both high resolution footage in MXF/MP4 files, proxy files, and metadata to a cloud service. Then any user can download the footage at their end.

Canon-XA25-HD_250pxCanon XA25

Canon’s new XA25 is an ultra-compact, entry-level professional camcorder with 1/3inch CMOS sensor, 20x zoom and HD-SDI

The camera uses AVCHD video and can be recorded at up to 28Mbps in 1080/50P, whilst for maximum quality a 35Mbps 1080/50P MP4 recording mode is available. The record media comes in the form of two SDXC/SDHC memory cards. Dual slots allows simultaneous recording of high-quality HD and lower resolution MP4 files for easier file transfer – ideal when a quick turn-around of footage is needed. Fast and slow motion recording options are available in MP4 modes.

Not a product to replace the XF range by any means but a nice inclusion the fantastic Canon range.

Black-Magic-Camera_300pxBlack Magic Design cameras

The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K shoots to high-quality compressed CinemaDNG RAW and ProRes 422 (HQ) files in 4K using the built in high speed SSD recorder.

With the built-in EF compatible lens mount there is a wide choice of optics to take advantage of the large Super 35 size sensor without cropping. This is great news for those who already stock a wide range of EF lenses such as ourselves.

Black-Magic-Pocket_250pxThe new Pocket Cinema Camera features a tiny body that houses a 16mm-size sensor, and can easily accomodate MFT, PL, and C-mount lenses. It records onto SD cards in ProRes 422HQ and lossless CinemaDNG RAW. Connections include a micro HDMI connector for an external video monitor, and a LANC jack for remote operation. Its size makes it an option for higher end POV shooting or perhaps in car shoots where space is a premium. We are thinking of taking one on holiday to Majorca this summer!

Interesting products this year and we will all be looking forward to IBC 2013 in September

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