Nokia OZO 360 Camera


Expertly created and purpose built 360 camera

Available for hire from us, the OZO is crafted by Nokia Technologies. The OZO combines the ultimate in engineering capabilities and intelligent design to offer you the best Virtual Reality production experience. No more complex multi-camera rigs: this is the first Virtual Reality device to capture 360° spherical video and 360×360 surround sound, with the elegant workflow professionals need.

Presence capture

One single video file stores all video and audio data in perfect sync. One output cable. One power and memory cartridge.

See and hear everything OZO captures via the unique Virtual Reality monitor output, providing directors real-time interactive feedback of cast performances.

The Nokia OZO 360 camera is available for wet hire only. Shooting Partners will provide a fully trained technician for set up and operation.


Presence Capture Spherical and stereoscopic video capture with 360×360 surround sound array
Video Sensor Type Progressive Scan with Global Shutter
Video Sensor Array Eight, synchronised, 2K x 2K sensors
Video Area Coverage Full-spherical, 360 x 180 degrees
Min Imaging Distance 0.5m / 20″ (spherical video coverage)
Stereoscopic Coverage Centerline +/- 130(h), 65(v) degrees
Lens Interoptic Distance Effective max. 86 mm / 3.4″
Lens Angle of View 195 degrees per lens
Relative Aperture f/2.4
Video Dynamic Range 60 db / 10 stops
Basic Colour Temperature 5,000 degrees Kelvin
Base Sensitivity ISO 400
Audio Sensor Type Omnidirectional, solid state
Audio Area Coverage Full-spherical, 360 x 360 degrees
Audio Dynamic Range 64db S/N, 120db max SPL
Master File Format MOV wrapped OZO Virtual Reality 8Ch raw Video and 8Ch PCM Audio
Video Compression Wavelet-based raw
Media Module 500GB, Solid State Media
Record Duration 45 min per Media Module
Program Output 3G-SDI SMPTE 242M, DIN connector
Capture Frame Rate 30.00 fps
Cooling System Passive (fanless) design
Battery Pack Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Power Consumption 12V DC, approx. 30W in record mode