Penelope Keith at Her Majesty’s Service

Best known for her comical role in The Good Life, Penelope Keith celebrates the Queen’s 90th birthday, exploring the palaces and people who have supported the Royals for generations.

The four-part series begins with the grand walls of Windsor Castle. Penelope takes us on an historical journey from Henry VI to the present day.

Reef Television chose the rock steady XDCAM format by using Shooting Partner’s Sony F800 cameras.

XDCAM-DISC_200pxSony’s optical disc format based on the same starting technology as Blu Ray. For use with cameras such as the PDW700 or PDWF800 the discs come in 23GB (40 minutes of HD) or 50GB (95 minutes of HD) versions. Costs can vary depending on capacity of disc from around £12 to £35 each. There are larger capacity discs for archive only of 100GB -these do not work in the cameras.

The re-writable discs support up to 1,000 read/write/erase cycles. That’s approx 3 years of heavy use.

The 128GB discs (write-once) are an efficient method of recording/archiving as there’s no need to transfer the media onto another device after filming. Sony also claims a shelf life of 50 years, although we haven’t tested that yet!!

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