Piers Morgan

British Television celebrity Piers Morgan went to LA with Shooting Partners HDCAM kit to explore the current explosion of UK talent in Hollywood. .

Piers Morgan On LA is one of three one-hour programmes, the others being set in Monaco and Dubai, in which Piers delivers a glamorous and informative look at these places through the key people that live and work there.

Shooting Partners worked with Director of Photography, Steve Moss, providing a Sony HDW-790P to add to his own HD shooting kit. “The Sony HDW-790P handled situations with some serious contrast very well,” says Moss. “Often Piers and the interviewee wanted to sit in the shade out of the fierce LA sunshine, but the director wanted to see the view/location, which meant the background was in full sunshine. With only a few minutes to set-up, in what was a packed filming schedule, there was little time for silks, reflectors or HMIs and we had to shoot with the available light. Under-exposing the talent to preserve the bright backgrounds for the grade seems to have worked well – the HDW-790P coped with some pretty extreme situations with a great tonal range.”

Moss also adds, “I shoot all over the world and rely heavily on the support I get from Shooting Partners, no matter where I am in the world I know I’ll get the back-up I need.”

Sister company Anna Valley Displays also have close contact with Piers Morgan by providing superb screens for ITV’s Piers Morgan’s life stories.

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