Quads: Our First Year

After nearly four years of trying for a baby, Julian and Sharon Turner thought they might never conceive, but on their final attempt at IVF two implanted embryos split, giving them two sets of identical twins – two boys and two girls – an event calculated at odds of 70 million to one. This documentary follows the quadruplets’ hectic first 12 months, from the precarious early weeks – born three months premature – through the demands of round-the-clock care, to the siblings’ birthday celebrations

SHINE TV asked Shooting Partners to supply a wide range of cameras for this production. Canon C300s were used for the bulk of shooting paired with the versatile XF305 as B camera. Sony XDCAM optical disc cameras and GO PROs and Litepanels were also used to capture the story of the babies extraordinary conception, a journey that took them to a Greek IVF clinic, Sharon’s surprise risky pregnancy and the quads’ premature birth.  this film captures the emotional rollercoaster ride of a truly eventful year.

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