The Robot Will See You Now

If you’re troubled by the growing role played in many households by voice-recognition digital assistants such as Alexa and Siri play, this programme will only fuel your dismay. It follows work by experts at Manchester and Plymouth Universities as they develop Jess: a robot that uses artificial intelligence to offer couples and families advice on more intimate problems including marriage, divorce, infidelity and obesity. Could it ever replace the wisdom we have traditionally sought from other humans?


Cameras follow a personal assistant robot called Jess, the sort of device many may be consulting before too long. Together with her team of operator assistants, Jess uses AI-based analysis to offer couples and families advice on some of the problems that life throws up, from marriage and infidelity to obesity.

Shooting Partners were involved with the production from the very beginning, advising Double Act on which cameras would be best to achieve the look they wanted and fit the budget. For the shoot we provided different kit, Panasonic AW-UE70 PTZ (these have become very popular for fixed rig shoots), Marshall CV502 minicams, mobile gallery services and crew.



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