Rude Tube: World Of Fail

Alex Zane presents a top fifty countdown of the latest and greatest internet clips from the World of Fail.

Other people’s misfortunes become the most comical online catastrophes… featuring a parallel parking fail marathon, the infamous Wealdstone Raider, the scariest ice cream van on the planet and the world’s worst live television news debut.

XDCAM-DISC_200pxShooting Partners provided Sony XDCAM shooting kit to October Films for each run of the popular show. The Optical Disc format continues to be a clear first choice for most long form TV production in the UK. The production team being used to tape based workflows found an easy transition to disc.

Shooting Partners often provide Sony U2 drives for faster transfer of material by mounting the disc (via USB from the U2 drive) to any laptop or desk mounted computer.

Sony also provide a recovery service on XDCAM discs if there is a problem reading the information. Although this is a rare occurrence there is a good chance of recovery by sending the disc away for analysis.

Laptop-dolly_thumbnail-150pThe shoot also called for moving dolly shots, so SP supplied the fantastic Egripment Euro Dolly. This ride on dolly is a great solution for lighter but durable kit needs on a tight budget. The full dolly kit comes in rugged Peli cases with bazooka base, seat and a choice of lightweight plastic screw together track or tough metal track sections.

Monitoring for this shoot came in all sizes as Shooting Partners provided 17″ HD LCD monitors, Sony 8.5″ HD LCD and even TV Logic 7″ ‘on camera’ units all providing fantastic HD quality pictures. The monitors run on a combination of mains power or batteries as required.

October Films benefited from great pricing by hiring studio displays for this show from sister company: Anna Valley. To find out more about LED walls, projection and lighting please visit Anna Valley’s website here.


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