Shooting for the Cloud

Last week saw Shooting Partners team up with Envy Post Production & Forbidden (creators of Forscene) for an exciting new technology demo on ‘Shooting for the Cloud’ held at ENVY’s Central London location.

We were able to perform a live demonstration of Sony’s CBK-WA 100, which is an bolt on device that connects directly to a camera and essentially acts as a recorder and sending device.

The CBK-WA100 records proxy files saved on an SD card. It is then able to upload the proxy content and the original high-resolution content (depending on the model) via 3G or 4G wireless network to a broadcast station, on-premises server or to a cloud environment.

ENVY-WA100_150pxEffectively your rushes can immediately begin uploading to your production office/post house/Forscene account once you have hit the stop button.

Ideal for remote filming or fast turnaround shows, the benefits of the CBK-WA100 mean footage has the potential to get back quicker & cheaper because of not needing a laptop upload station or a crew member on a dedicated rushes run.

Aside from the potential time and cost saving, it gives the ability to shape creative decisions. Rather than having a week, fortnight or month’s footage come back and then having to review, the CBK-WA100 could offer daily reviewing of the shoots and then feedback to be fed back from the edit/production office to shape the following day without the footage having to leave location.

Shooting Partners Head of Facilities, Shaun Wilton, commented “We are thrilled about the possibilities this new technology is going to offer, as it becomes an integral part of all new Sony cameras. The feedback from this event was fantastic and it was a real pleasure to put on an event with ENVY and Forbidden”

For more information or to arrange a demo please contact us on 0208 941 10000 or email to mail@shooting-partners.co.uk.

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