Shooting Partner’s Predictions for the 2017 NAB Show
by Shaun Wilton

Shooting Partners visits the NAB Show every year without fail. The show is overflowing with quality information about new technology, trends, future developments and end user stories that we use to inform our future plans and acquisitions. This year we’re expecting three major topics to dominate the new technology on offer at the show –  HDR (High Dynamic Range), VR (Virtual Reality) and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television).

HDR continues to be a hot topic

HDR was a hot topic last year and will continue to attract attention because it’s such a visual application of technology – HDR content on a big monitor just grabs everyone’s attention! Producers can see the difference immediately and apply what they are seeing to their own projects easily. I’m really excited about potential offerings from Canon this year and will be making a bee-line for their stand!  Because we’re interested in high-end HDR acquisition through 2017 and already stock a large selection of Canon cameras, we’ll be taking a close look at the Canon C700.  I’ve heard rumours that we could expect anything up to three new cameras announced at NAB, but manufacturers aren’t giving anything away before the show.  The popularity of our C300 (MKII and Classic), XF range and the DSLR EOS cameras will certainly get us excited for anything new.

VR steps up a gear

I think Virtual Reality will have stepped up another gear at this year’s show. There was a good showing last year before mass hysteria took hold in 2016. I’m hoping this year will see an expanded product range and more options for live events and monitoring. So, our second stop will be 360 filming and especially Nokia for any exciting OZO updates. We invested in the professional 360 camera last year based on first viewing at NAB 2016, so it’s certainly a place to gain understanding and exposure to this exciting new technology.

Not all important tech is sexy

Another big topic I expect to continue to grow at NAB 2017 is IPTV. We are involved in a lot of fixed rig shows, so we are taking IPTV very seriously for control and monitoring. I’ll be on the lookout for any advancements in infrastructure – that might not be a ‘sexy’ thing to show clients but will potentially improve workflow and costs. NAB isn’t just a place to find flashy tech!

NAB always holds a few surprises and we’re excited to see whether our predictions are accurate as we explore what new tech the industry has to offer. When we return from the show we’ll be visiting clients to share what we’ve learnt in the Shooting Partners’ NAB review.  The review is a simple guide to the new tech entering the market and is centred around three simple questions – What is it? What benefit could it be? and What does it cost?

Get in touch if you’d like us to present our NAB review to your team.


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