Shooting Partners predictions for IBC 2017

by Shaun Wilton, Shooting Partners Director

We visit IBC each year for two main reasons – to see new technology within the vast exhibition halls and to hear the fantastic seminars that bring the tech to life in the real world.

As any regular trade show visitor knows, to get the most out of a vast exhibition like the IBC Show, you’ve got to plan what you want to get out of the show before you arrive – otherwise you can spend a fantastic four days wandering the halls but have little to show for your trip except a hangover and box of stroopwaffels.

We’ll be focussing our attention on three acquisition themes at IBC 2017 – and we can’t wait to see what surprises the manufacturers have in store.

360-degree video and virtual reality

We have invested in 360-degree video and are keen to see any new releases at the acquisition end. Our OZO comes in at a particular price point and we’d like to explore other offerings from the likes of GoPro.

We are also looking for more options for grips and camera movement in 360. We’ve been asked to put 360 cameras in some unusual places with complex moves and we’re interested in new solutions.

We’ve been seriously impressed by the work and products offered by Motion Impossible

We are also interested in any advancements in displays for 360 video / Virtual Reality. We are hoping to see a range of HMDs (Head Mounted Displays) at various price points with a view to showing our fantastic OZO content in the best possible way.

We’d also like to see more communal VR experiences, such as the projection domes utilized by companies such as Canon at NAB.


Speed to air

We are super-excited about Sony’s proposed launch of XDCAM AIR. The system promises to develop their existing camera-to-cloud technology to a new level – faster, smarter and a higher quality.   We will be sprinting to the Sony stand to see what the fuss is about. We understand the current systems well after supplying kit and expertise to broadcast shows over the last 18 months.

Canon HDR cameras

We’ve tested the Canon C200 and are really impressed by its capabilities. Although we’re not sure it totally fits with our broadcast clients, it could have a strong showing across our corporate and events division. The ability to shoot HD across affordable media, such as SD cards, is a great draw for long form projects. The other aspect being high-quality 4K footage with High Dynamic Range would appeal to clients wanting to achieve a glossy commercial look.


We’ve also tested the Canon EOS C700 and feel this could be the way forward as an ‘A’ camera for the same corporate and commercial shoots. We’re keen to see more lens advancements from Canon and are really excited about trying out the Canon CN70-200mm zoom



The IBC Show is always an exciting place to discover new developments in technology and be inspired by the possibilities they present.  Get in touch if you’d like the Shooting Partners team to share what we learn at IBC with your team after the show.

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