Sony F5 and F55 added to Sony range

Sony have announced a significant upgrade to the F range of cameras, but are not replacing the top end F65 quite yet.

The two new cameras are identical in appearance, but differ in specs with the PMW-F55 adding higher frame rates among other features.

Is this the camera range to knock the Canon C300 off it’s perch as the ‘mid range’ large sensor camera of choice for the broadcast market?

Here are the headline features of the F5:

  • Full HD & 4K
  • Super 35mm 4K CMOS Imager
  • 4,096 x 2,160, 11.6M total pixels, 8.9M effective pixels, Bayer Pattern
  • High sensitivity (ISO 2000) and low noise (S/N 57dB with noise reduction off)
  • High Frame Rate of up to 120fps
  • Internal Recording to SxS media
  • Modular Design
  • RAW Recording capability to a new modular “dockable” external recorder, the AXS-R5
  • 50Mb/s / 4:2:2 Broadcast Friendly HD
  • New XAVC Codec for efficient 4K
  • Shoulder Pad & Class-leading OLED HD viewfinder & mount options to provide a genuine shoulder-mount camcorder
  • Dual lens mount as standard – Arri PL & Sony FZ
Enhanced features of the F55 (otherwise identical to the F5):
  • Higher frame rate of up to 240fps (Full HD RAW) or 60fps (4k RAW) with optional  AXS-R5 recorder
  • Internal recording at up to 180fps onto SxS media using XAVC Codec (HD / 4K)
  • Simultaneous XAVC and MPEG 2 recording capability – onto the same SxS media card
  • Slightly reduced sensitivity of ISO 1250 when compared to F5
  • Global Shutter (Eliminates rolling shutter effect)
  • F65 Colour Gamut

Delivery of the Sony F5 and F55 is expected to be around February 2013


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