Sony PXW-FS5

The Sony FS5 is the smaller brother to the popular Sony FS7, offering many of the same options, only housed in a smaller, more compact body.

The FS5 boasts a super 35mm CMOS image sensor, which gives you 14 stops of dynamic range and the ability to shoot 4k. Alongside this it uses Sony’s e-mount making it easy to adapt for any lens you wish to use.

The modular design and light weight makes the FS5 idea for flexible shooting setups, lightweight gimbals, drones and shoots that require long sessions of hand held filming.

The stand out feature of the FS5 is the built-in electronic variable ND. Unlike conventional optical ND filters, the electronic ND filter on the FS5 can be controlled from 1/4ND to 1/128ND linearly. ND Filters can also be set to auto. This makes the FS5 ideal for fast-moving shoots in changeable environments.

The FS5 records to affordable SD cards, and using the XAVC codec can record up to 800fps in full hd.

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