Sony PDW-U1

The Sony U1 drive can do away with the need for a large VTR style machine to read and write your XDCAM disc stock. Mains powered and USB compatible, ideal for desk top use.

The drive allows direct access to recorded material from either a PC or Mac based platform – and provides all the necessary drivers/utilities to enable this. XDCAM is already widely supported by many industry leading vendors and the PDW-U1 will be no exception. For example – it will be an ideal and affordable system for fast transfer of material into non-linear editors.

It can handle professional disc media (PFD23/PFD23A) recorded in SD or HD formats, as well as the new “dual-layer” discs (PFD50DLA). The PDW-U1 serves as an external drive via a standard USB connection.

The PDW-U1 – the simple yet effective bridge between the camera and the PC

  • Small and portable for desktop use
  • Takes 50gb dual layer discs
  • USB interface with PC or Mac

Power requirements DC 12 V
Power consumption 11 W
Operating temperature 5 to 40°C (+41 to +104°F)
Storage temperature -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F)
Humidity 20 to 90% (relative humidity)
Mass 1.4 kg (3 lb 1 oz)
Dimensions 59 x 164 x 226 mm(2 3⁄8 x 6 1⁄2 x 9 inches)
Interface High-Speed USB Series B x1
Supplied accessories AC adaptor (x1)Operation manual (x1)PDZ-1 Proxy Browsing Software (x1)PDZ-VX10 XDCAM Viewer Software (x1)Proxy Viewer Software (x1)

PDZK-P1 XDCAM Transfer Software (x1)

Setup utility software (x1)