Storage: Flog The Lot!

After four mystery storage lots are revealed, dealers have just moments to assess the contents of each before auctioneer Addison Gelpey opens the bidding. When each truck is opened, the dealers have just moments to assess its contents before the bidding begins. They will need to use all their experience, knowledge and instinct to spot a hidden treasure and not be taken in by a red herring because they are risking up to £25,000 of their own hard earned cash.

RDF Television produced this fantastic show for Channel 5 using Shooting Partners kit based around Sony’s PDWF800 camera with Canon HJ Lenses and Sachtler Tripods for the multi camera elements. All of which ran through a mini gallery constructed by our trained technicians. There was also a stable of shooting Prodcuer / Directors who used Canon XF305 cameras and Sennheiser radio mics to capture the stories surrounding and leading up to the studio elements.

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