The Hoarder Next Door

Twenty Twenty Television have produced a fascinating insight into the lives of some of Britain’s most obsessive compulsive hoarders for Channel 4.

In this new series psychotherapist, Stelios Kiosses offers a groundbreaking approach in tackling compulsive hoarding.  Together with a team of de-clutterers, Stelios hopes to change the mindset of the hoarders he meets, helping them to tackle their hoards and reclaim their lives.

Each programme gives an extreme hoarder a 6 week course of psychotherapy, alternative therapies and practical help, in an attempt to cure them of their habit.  Stelios also introduces them to other hoarders who are doing their best to control their habit largely on their own.

Cameras were allowed into the homes of people suffering from a need to hoard mountains of items, some stacked up so high the production team could hardly get into each room.

The Channel 4 HD show used tape based Sony HDCAM cameras to cover the majority of the content.  When space was tight the team opted for Canon XF305s as a compact full HD option.

Production Manager Rachel Philips commented “The team at SP were with us every step of the way during this production. Great communication and support were always there, especially when we couldn’t find parts of the kit in the houses under all the piles of stuff!”

The Hoarder Next Door is a Channel 4HD programme.

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