The Insider

The Insider follows the stories of five candidates, who live and work together before one of them is selected for an executive job at an as yet unnamed UK company. The twist comes in that that one of the candidates is actually one of the company’s senior managers. Each episode builds towards the insider revealing themselves first to the viewers and then to their fellow candidates.

Studio Lambert created this fantastic show built on the solid foundations of previous global hit ‘Undercover Boss’.

Sony-PDWF800_thumb150Location shooting kits

Shooting Partners provided location shooting kits in the form of Sony’s XDCAM range for full sized shoulder mount shooting, plus Canon’s ubiquitous XF305 for shooting PDs and self shooting directors. All kits were colour coded for ease of identification in a busy shooting schedule.

Cinevates_Slider_with_Head-Camera moves and grips

Camera movement came in two forms, Shooting Partners popular Cinevate slider, which allows fantastic horizontal and vertical movement in a compact kit. Gaining height with challenging space was also not a problem with our Libec Jib. This compact and cost effective jib gives a great reach and can be rigged and operated by one person.



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