Three Day Nanny

Kathryn Mewes brings her twenty years of experience as a professional nanny to bear with her unique, three day plan of action to help families.

Nanny Mewes lives with the families around the clock for three days to help them tackle everything from faddy eaters to out-of-control behaviour and sleepless nights, and restoring order to households in distress.

Shooting Partners also brought over twenty years of experience to this project in the form of hire kit, training and twenty four hour support.

EOS-C300_EF-300pxProduction Company, Liberty Bell, opted for the superb Canon EOS C300 with EF lenses for this show. This digital cinema camera continues to offer high end picture quality, along with the robust workflow offered by using compact flash cards.

The superb low light sensitivity of the Canon EOS C300 is a fantastic feature and can be helped along by using cost effective LED light sources such as Litepanels. Battery powered lights have seen great development over recent year’s as portability was always a stumbling block with bulky shoulder slung battery packs.

Monitoring came in the form of a Transvideo wireless system which is a popular and versatile hire item. Added value comes in the form of a side attached handle, known as ‘The Clint’, used for quick and easy channel changes.

Transvideo-Clint_300pxThe ‘Clint’ handle system (first designed for use by Director Clint Eastwood – hence the nickname ‘The Clint’) allows quick transition between sources at the push of the easy navigation buttons on the wood handle. This option is hard wired into the monitor at point of manufacture so must be ordered with the monitor.

The Transvideo 910TS0053 6.5inch Rainbow II TFT monitor + Titan Tx wireless video transmitter is a Standard Definition system with great picture quality with no real need to add bulky and expensive wireless HD systems unless required.


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