Vlogglebox 2017

Studio Lambert produced a new Gogglebox spin-off called Vlogglebox! It focused on internet video and memes with sometimes hilarious results!

The E4 show featured members of the public reacting to content they see online and certainly broke away from “filming people on a sofa” style of classic ratings winning Gogglebox.

Most of the show was recorded on smart phones attached to the cast’s phones and tablets (for playback). Shooting Partners created custom rigs for attaching phones to phones to achieve the desired result.

The different format also meant different locations, like buses and restaurants, which produced fresh challenges. The show also included the reactions of some of the main cast’s family members and made use of camcorders and lenses from Shooting Partners.

Vlogglebox follows the success of other Gogglebox spin-offs, including Gogglesprogs, where children react to TV shows, also supplied by Shooting Partners and At Home with Steph and Dom.

Vlogglebox is an E4 show.

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