Young & Married

A inside look at young love told from each couple’s point of view, you will get a compelling look into the lives of these young lovebirds as they cope with the commitment, excitement and varied challenges of taking that next big step – for better or for worse.

Sony_PMW500_300hIn each of the 10 hour-long episodes, Young & Married candidly depicts life before and after the wedding bells – from the exciting “firsts” and radical personal adjustments to cultural conflicts such as same-sex marriage and religious divides, reflecting the wide spectrum of elements and emotions that people all around the world face. An authentic portrait of young relationships today, the series also showcases the love, hope and determination each of the couples have to spend the rest of their lives together, despite tough obstacles and harsh realities.

Mentorn Media invited Shooting Partners into the project early in development to help with the many shooting option available on the market at present. After a demo and training day held at Mentorn’s west London offices the decision was made to opt for Sony’s fantastic PMW500 camera.

The Sony PMW 500 gives almost identical pictures to the PDW F800 and PDW 700 in the disc camera range. The big difference is the record format being SxS cards rather than discs.

SxS-CARD_200pxSxS cards for fast workflow

Shooting Partners have invested heavily in SxS media and the Sony workflow to give our clients maximum flexibility plus great advantages with speed to air. The most popular capacity for SxS cards is 32GB though 64GB cards can be made available. The decision is how much footage you want in one place if your intention is to use this media for fast turn around work or a news environment.

The same SxS media can also be used in the Sony PMW200 plus the Sony PMW-F5 (as long as no slow motion shooting is needed or 4K capabilities)

Young & Married is a Mentorn Media Production for MTV

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